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Ananda Laie - yoga people transformation

Ananda Laie was created with a deep purpose. We want to help people transform their world, inspire change and expand their consciousness.

Ananda Laies mission is to create leadership teacher training schools with coaching, yoga and meditation and thus use these powerful and effective tools of self-awareness to stand firm in the face of conflict and transform the lives of young people in in South America.

Global Nomads Life - Embracing The Planet

Global Nomads Life is a growing organization of international innovative seekers, therapists, teachers, healers, musicians, artists, and creative thinkers with one goal in mind: to help bring positive change to the world through our thoughts, words, and actions.
We are setting up Base Camps, event camps, in different parts of the world where you can join us and share time and be part of our different activities.
We also create travelling Experiences around the world.
– Nomad Desert Experience
– Nomad Mountain Experience
– Nomad Water Experience
– Nomad Jungle Experience
and finally, once a year we celebrate the most amazing event of them all. the GLOBAL NOMAD FESTIVAL.
Where ?
Stay in Touch and you` will find out 😉
We have a story to tell. The story is about you, me, and our journey together. Be part of the story…
Global Nomads Life – Embracing the Planet